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Beard, Camera, Bike: Action!

Nov 22, 2023
Article by Claire Van Ryn

The first thing you’re going to want to know when we introduce you to Beardy McBeard, is why he goes by the name Beardy McBeard. So let’s do that first.

It started as a joke. Marcus Enno tended to be the only hairy-faced guy on the cycling scene, where fellow cyclists tend to be clean-shaven all over. The nickname stuck, and now it’s what sets him apart to his 50,000 followers on the gram, and more elsewhere besides.

Beardy has always had a passion for photography, ever since he first picked up a camera in primary school. He went on to work as a commercial photographer in Sydney for a decade, and as his interest in cycling grew, he turned his lens there too.

In 2013, Beardy covered the Tour de France and had an exhibition of his roadside photos. That exposure was the start of something big. He has since covered six Tour de France, five Giro D’Italia, two Vuelta a España, and completed assignments in Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Switzerland, Scotland and Slovenia (to name a few).

Beardy and his partner Miriam moved to Hobart nearly five years ago, andit’s here that he has started a family with Olive, 3, and a new baby due any day now. He has also started working as a cycling tour guide in addition to his photography.

“My office is out in nature. I’ve combined my two passions; photography and cycling. I couldn’t think of a better job really!” he said.

The job is not without risk. When we caught up with Beardy, he was jubilant at having recovered from being hit by a car on a Saturday morning ride, an accident that broke his arm, hand and leg, which required his tibia to be reconstructed with a series of plates and screws (19 in total). He’s gone from wheelchair to riding his bike again in six months, thanks to a lot of raw determination.

Photos by Marcus Enno

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