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Capturing Our Wild Island

Nov 6, 2018
Article by Andrew Johnstone

Photography is as popular as ever. The rise of social media, in particular Instagram, means everyone is photographer at some level. The majority of people just want to document what they’re up to, to capture memories without fuss. Others, both enthusiasts and professionals, post only their best shots and seek to continually progress and improve their skills in order to showcase their talents and, hopefully, get the odd ‘like’.

Wild Island Gallery in Hobart hosts regular, multi-day landscape photography workshops with two of Tassie’s most popular and award winning photographers, Rob Blakers and Loic Le Guilly

Rob and Loic have spent years refining their craft, learning how to best capture a scene. With more than 50 years of combined experience exploring and photographing in Tasmania, they are well positioned to provide invaluable tips on technique, composition and location.

Location is perhaps the most exciting element of these workshops. On the day that Lume joined participants during one of Rob and Loic’s workshops, we hiked into an isolated part of the Tarkine rainforest to a waterfall that, in Loic’s opinion, less than 20 people will have ever seen. The area was as untouched by man as you’re likely to find and had been discovered by Rob on one of his many solo hikes into the wilderness.

It was a humbling experience to be in such an ancient and isolated area – one that would have been almost impossible without Rob’s local knowledge. Now, I’m going to stop writing and let the photos do the talking.

Photos by Cheryl Eagers

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