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Tales Of Tasmanian Shacklife

Dec 12, 2023
Article by Naomi Hume

Where the romance began.

The humble shack, weathered and worn by the years, stands as a silent witness to the chapters of my life. I am her unabashed lover. This shack, with its timeworn exterior and creaking floorboards, has been my first love, my oldest faithful friend, and the keeperof my dearest memories.

In the fading photographs that adorn its walls, you can trace the lineage of our connection. This shack, a gift from my Nan, lovingly referred to as “Miss Pat” by the locals, has been my sanctuary since I was a child. It was here, by the bay, where I grew up, far removed from the conveniences ofthe modern world. Off the grid, yet deeply connected.Shacklife, as I’ve come to know it, carries different meanings for different souls. To some, it’s synonymous with family, a repository of memories, a testament to lifelong friendships, and a nurturing cocoon of community. For me, it encapsulates the warmth of childhood summers, the echoes ofmy Pa’s craftsmanship, and the wisdom of my Nan, who knew the art of living simply. It’s a place of shelter, where celebrations of life’s milestones find their home and quiet moments find solace.

This shack, at the very end of a black sand track, has been my refuge. It’s where I sought shelter from all the white noise of the world, where I connected to new lovers, and where I found peace in times of despair. Its walls have absorbed my laughter and my tears, and they whisper stories of a life well-lived.

But it’s more than just a shelter; it’s family. The creaks and groans of its timeworn structure are like the comforting words of an old friend. The rustling of the wind through its weathered windows is a lullaby that soothes my soul. The memories embedded in its very fibro fibres remind me of the loved ones who have come and gone, leaving behind their unforgettable mark on thissacred space.

For me, the romance of a shack is not a choice; it’s a calling, it’s a heart song I have on repeat and I’m heartbroken at the thought of ever losing her.

In the enduring embrace of my shack, I’ve discovered a love that transcends time, a friendship that withstands the tests of life, and a family that extends beyond blood.

I created my platform of Tasmanian Shacklife for the romance writers of our Tasmanian community, for those born into it and for those who have the allure of creating their own shacklife story. A platform that celebrates the authenticity of original shacks, shares the stories that reside within their walls, and offers the opportunity to experience the unique charm of a shack stay. It’s a bridge to connect with the essence of shacklife, a world where time slows down, and the heart finds its home.

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