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Top Designer Here and Back Again

Apr 17, 2024
Article by Andrew Johnstone

Cast your mind back, back, back to 2015, when this magazine was a mere fledgling. One Tassie newbie was tasked with creating a magazine with fresh appeal, that delivered strong design sensibilities as well as heroing the state’s environmental, built andsocial assets.

He may have been fresh to our island state, but he wasn’t fresh to the gig. Andrew Johnstone was Lume’s founding creative director. He was also the co-founder of internationally acclaimed Semi-Permanent creative conferences, creator of the iconic website Design is Kinky, and Empty and Take magazines.

He continued to guide Lume’s aesthetics and design brief until the magazine’s hiatus in 2018, helping to publish the first 13 editions. He then moved back to the big island, but we won’t hold that against him. In fact, Andrew has recently returned with some impressive new experience under his belt. Not to name drop, but Canva and Procreate might get a mention. But we’ll let Andrew dothe talking.

Hello there readers of Lume. Nice to chat to you again. It’s been a while. I was delighted to see that the teamhad brought the magazine back to life last year.I had actually only been living in Tasmania for a few months in mid-2015 when the idea to create a magazine about the state came to mind. As a blow-in from the mainland, I’d been surprised by how quickly I’d started to feel ‘Tasmanian’, how rapidly I’d started identifying with the people and the environment.I felt at home very quickly in Tasmania. Both my kids were born here, we made great friends, worked with great people and had a lovely time exploring this beautiful state.

However, life often has unexpected twists and turns and in 2019 for a variety of reasons my family and I decided to move back to Sydney, the big smoke.Our time in Sydney had all the usual ups-and-downs of modern family life. Whilst I missed Tasmania, I’m generally pretty happy wherever I am, and we made the most of what Sydney had to offer.And then in early 2020, Covid hit the world and living in a big city like Sydney became a lot less attractive.

Compared to others, we were very lucky during the pandemic. Being cooped up with two young kids was not easy, but we didn’t need to fight people for toilet paper! We were envious of our Tasmanian friends and family members who seemed to be going through life pretty normally during this same period.So, we decided to come back. Just two days after the borders opened in December 2021, we jumped on planes and ships and moved back to this tiny, beautiful island. We have no regrets. It truly felt like coming home.

What have I been up to since arriving? Pretty much just enjoying Tassie life. I was working remotely for Canva for the first year or so after arriving, which gave me a lot of flexibility to get to know the city again and settle in.I moved on from Canva in early 2023 and am currently creative director at Procreate in Hobart. Given its success, it seems odd to me that people may not have heard of Procreate, but if you haven’t, Procreate is the number one selling iPad app globally. The most popular iPad app in the world, and it was started and is still created right here in Tasmania.

My job is pretty amazing. I get to work with an extremely creative team, made up of locals and people from all over the world (but all working here in Hobart), to showcase the Procreate app and also our new app, Procreate Dreams. We create a lot of our own content and also commission super talented artists to create artwork for us. Having worked with artists in various ways for more than 25 years, it’s really great to be doing so as part of myday job!What next? I’m just looking forward to creating more fun projects with the Procreate team, showing my kids more of Tasmania and maybe even writing the odd article for Lume.

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